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Sovereign summer

Hayward, WI


under the full moon in capricorn,
Be held by nature as you explore your most authentic self
Sweet Sovereign Summer


A 3-day immersion
Hayward, Wi – July 18th-21st, 2024

Summer is in its fullness, which is why it’s the perfect time to connect to the ripe, supple, juiciness of yourself and rediscover who you’ve always been.

Have you ever admired the spark of others and wondered…where is mine? Perhaps you experience low libido, a desire for deeper connections in relationships and friendships, or you realize you’re living a life that is just happening to you instead of living fully and abundantly.

This realization can throw you into overwhelm real quick. 

Which is why we’re inviting you to join us for a Sweet Sovereign Summer.

You can expect to have your perspectives on life shifted, your standards, conversations and boundaries raised, and your relationships, mind, body and soul to transform in the most powerful way.

  • You’ll find joy and gratitude in even the most mundane moments
  • You’ll be saying “yes” to things you’ve only ever dreamed about – new homes, new careers – you name it
  • You’ll see how the pains in your body can disappear
  • You’ll leave with the clarity and inner wisdom to open the gateway to whatever you desire

Let’s bask in the glow of summer!

During this immersive retreat, we will cultivate a deeper connection to our feminine essence, giving the body permission to lead. Your body holds an innate intelligence called our original blueprint; connecting to it is easier than you think. 

The nature and sophistication of the mind is designed to keep us safe and resist change. 

You will begin to feel and know yourself through our guided meditations, breath work, embodied movement, nourishing food, hydration, and nature, as we carefully navigate this process with you as you connect to this innate intelligence that is YOU.

Meeting yourself this way doesn’t just allow you to create inner harmony and live in connection with your soul, it’s also how you’ll create a life that actually feels like yours, instead of living out a script that society handed to you.

Prepare to let go of the constraints of your mind, surrender to the wisdom of your body and work with your system in a way that expands way beyond time at the retreat.

What you can expect from this sacred space…

During the retreat, we’ll rediscover who you’ve always been. Through guided meditations, breath work, embodied movement, and group coaching, we will uncover the innate wisdom of the body.

As we land together on Thursday night, we will begin our journey in ceremony, starting to drop in and attune to ourselves and one another. After a restful night of sleep snuggled cozily in the Northwoods sanctuary, we will begin our descent into ourselves with a spacious morning and group coaching! 

You will see how time can stop for three days giving you room to access the truths within. 

You will gain access to what feels like your true spark; this will clear space within the body and support a clearer vision for your future. 

Which is why so many women leave this experience having transcended 20-30 years of pain stored in the body. Sweet Sovereign Summer will kickstart you into cultivating a true relationship with yourself based on trust. You will deepen your understanding of the connection to your body and intuition which will further support you in creating strong boundaries – the foundation to living freely and fully YOU!

The energy we create will take us up, it will take us down, it will take us around, but you can rest easily knowing that you are held by the land herself and the connected facilitators the whole time.


    Nestled in Wisconsin’s Northwoods, Hayward offers serene landscapes and cultural charm—a perfect backdrop for women’s retreats. Amidst whispering pines and shimmering lakes, find tranquility and rejuvenation. Explore nature, connect with others, and foster deep introspection. Experience guided meditation sessions amidst the tranquil forest or soulful discussions by the lakeshore. Unwind in cozy accommodations blending rustic charm with modern comfort. Escape the hustle and bustle and embark on a journey of self-discovery, renewal, and empowerment in Hayward’s natural sanctuary.


    Welcome to The Tao Life Lodge, the latest extension of Tao Organic Cafe & Herbery in Minneapolis, MN. Nestled in the serene Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, on the picturesque shores of Teal Lake, this retreat center features three cabins and eleven bedrooms. Enjoy amenities such as kayaks, a canoe, and a boat for lake exploration. Relax in the two-person infrared sauna or venture out to paddle to the islands across the lake and explore the surrounding trails. Plus, indulge in the same quality nourishment found at the Tao Organic Cafe, ensuring your culinary experience is as enriching as your surroundings.

    Rooms + Retreat Pricing


    Cost = $1,350 – $1,875 per person and includes lodging, all meals, and programming for the 3-Day Experience.

    *If you choose to pay in two installments there is a 10% price increase. The retreat must be paid in full before it begins on July 18th.

    ○ Solo Queen Bedroom = $1,875

    ○ Shared Twin/Full Bedroom = $1,350 (this option is for guests who want to share a room with a friend or are open to a random roommate)

    ○ Shared Queen Room = $1,350 (this option is for guests who are coming together and want to share a room and a bed)

    I feel the

    If you are ready to be nourished, supported, and empowered alongside other inspiring, like-minded women, we’d love to invite you to join us at this transformative 3-day immersion in the beautiful North Woods of Wisconsin.

    If you’re feeling drawn to this experience, secure your spot by registering, and we will be in touch with a questionnaire to learn more about you and your desires for this experience.

    About Your Hosts
    Vanessa Rose
    Soul Coach & Meditation guide

    As a luminary in holistic living, Vanessa embodies the convergence of intuitive prowess, spiritual inquiry, and the pursuit of profound change. Her innovative approach transcends the mundane, guiding individuals towards whole-body wellness and spiritual fulfillment through a fusion of ancient practices and modern insights.

    In her role as a meditation guide, life coach, and spiritual mentor, Vanessa Rose stands as a conduit between realms, offering guidance to those seeking to unlock their inner potential. Through her groundbreaking programs like Soul-ution, she pioneers a new era of spiritual connectivity, providing a sanctuary for seekers to be tracked and accurately reflected on their journey with live, monthly teachings, meditations, and soul-nourishing practices.

    Leigah Locke

    Leigah Locke is a devoted life researcher who unveils the inherent wisdom within the female body. By connecting to our physical selves, particularly the sacred portal between our legs, she advocates for accessing internal power with responsibility. Leigah’s most profound work lies in being a mother and wife, holding her family with deep reverence and embodying the sacred in all aspects of life.