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Are you seeking Connection?

There is a part of you that is BURSTING TO BLOOM

Are you seeking Connection?

There is a part of you that is BURSTING TO BLOOM

Join Vanessa on a weekly guided meditation

The practice of meditation is the opportunity to connect deeply with yourself in the present moment, but it can be frustrating to attempt alone. Join Vanessa as she guides a powerful community through a themed meditation each week; helping you use meditation as a tool to live your potential.
“I did Monday’s meditation last night. Wow. I felt tingly everywhere to the point where I started to feel like sand sliding and disconnecting from my body. I told my husband, it was better than any high I’d ever had!”
“Vanessa’s guided meditations are like a visual journey through an artist’s paint palette. After a year of practice, I am able to visualize colors lighting up the chakras of my body during our Monday night guided meditations”
“Since meditation with Vanessa, my stress levels are greatly reduced. Every week my confidence grows”
“This experience gave me a new life”

What can meditation help with?

New Awareness
Less Anxiety
Obvious Shift in Mood
Better Sleep

Why Use Guided Meditation?

"I tried meditating on my own using an app and it just wasn't working. I felt like I was someone who perhaps couldn't meditate. Since working with Vanessa I feel better, sleep better and always get something out of it"

Liza, Meditate Member

Benefits of Guided Meditation in a Group

When meditating with a live group, you are connecting to the vibrations of others on the call. Vanessa’s gifts allow her to tune into the
energy of the group and hold a powerful space to help each individual benefit in a way that is personal to them.
Guided Meditation Membership

Guided Meditation Membership

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Your own personal virtual meditation instructor, that will give you weekly LIVE guidance every Monday at 9pm CST to deepen your relationship with yourself and see how everything is actually happening for you.

Membership Includes:

LIVE weekly guided meditation
RECEIVE guidance to help you navigate your week and cultivate new awareness
UNLIMITED ACCESS to 100s of recorded meditations to practice at your leisure
CONNECT with a powerful community

About Vanessa Rose

Vanessa Rose is a leader through her own experience. Through her own journey of ‘waking up’ in her early 20’s she was led to meditate through her clairaudient gift. When she finally gained the trust to start meditating on her own she was shown information in a way that was very easy to access. Growing up, the traditional way of learning never really worked for her. When she finally began to access the study of manifestation and the laws of nature, through her own self guided study, all her ancient memories flooded in. 

New to Meditation?

Receive a free 5 part email course to help you get the most out of your meditation membership. Includes a series of teachings from Vanessa, as well as practical advice on how to benefit from a meditation practice along the way.