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Group Coaching
A Coaching Membership

Group Coaching
A Coaching Membership

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6 month cycle
Exclusive only to our Meditation Members, the Group Coaching program is built to deliver the deeper teachings associated with the monthly topics and allow you a community and space to start exploring how you can incorporate these wisdoms into your life.

Take your Meditation Practice deeper!

2 LIVE coaching sessions per month, 12pm – 1pm CST. 1 Friday per month you will have access to open Coaching hours from 1pm – 2pm CST.

During our time together you will get an opportunity to share and ask personal questions that you need support around in your life. Beyond your personal requests, the group dynamic will increase your awareness through their asks and shares.

How Does It Work?

Please note that when you arrive to the Zoom call, you will join me on screen. Similar to the Meditation sessions, it is recommended that you join live each Coaching session to receive and support the strength of the community while gaining the benefits of being consistent. You will also have access to all replays of your previous sessions.

Group Coaching Benefits

Before you know it, you’ll be experiencing emotional freedom in your body and more intimate deeply connected relationships.

2 Sessions per Month

with a 6 month commitment

As a member you will join a LIVE 1 hour Group Coaching session twice per month, you gain access to open Coaching hours 1 Friday per month, and gain a deeper connection with your Meditate community.


Your own personal virtual coach that will give you bi-monthly guidance between 12pm and 1pm CST to gain access to your behavior, take responsibility, and start achieving the desires that await you.

Move from the Couch to Getting Coached!

Membership consists of 6 months of $225 payments. The membership is based on a 6 month commitment, must be a Meditation Member to sign up.

Membership Q & A

Q: Who is this program for?

A: The Group Coaching Membership is for any Meditate Member looking for real results in their day-to-day life. You no longer want to THINK about changing, you want to be LIVING in a changed reality.

Q: Why get coached in a group?
A: Getting coached within a group is more powerful – magnifying your personal requests out to the world.
When we do this, beauty and magic show up exponentially at the individual level.
Some of the benefits members have cited:
• They no longer feel alone in their journey.
• Due to the group dynamic, they recognize their problems are not unique.
• They begin activating the teachings by being coached on how to change their language with loved ones.
• What once was an obstacle in their relationships now becomes an open door of possibilities.
Q: How to use your membership

A: Commit to the bi-weekly meetings and show up live on these sessions. Through Vanessa’s text community, you will receive a calendar invite and access to a live Zoom link before the call.

Q: Canceling your Membership

A: The Group Coaching Membership is a 6 month commitment. We ask that all members commit to the full 6 months prior to signing up. If you’re concerned about cancelling the membership, this is a great opportunity to learn from the coaching sessions on why you’re feeling this way!