Hey you!

What if I told you that you already have everything you need right inside of you. 

As a Life Stylist, this is what I help you to understand. When we approach your life from this new lens, any ideas that you “need to be fixed” immediately dissolve. We don’t follow a templated format—each session is tailored specifically to you, allowing us to discover a True Self that the world is ready for!

I look forward to meeting you.

Warm regards,



Like many people in a creative field, I’m an experiential learner. It’s through my experiences that I gain insight and knowledge, as well as my passion to learn, teach and share. My spontaneous yet methodical spirit is always right where it needs to be, so I am so grateful you are here and I invite you to welcome this connection as well.

After being on my own 10 year self study, in February 2013, I was invited to join International Healer in an Operational Role. That experience sparked my desire to begin laying the foundation of my own practice. Soon after, Vanessa Feils Inc. was founded. I strongly felt the need to help people using the skills and overall enlightenment I’d experienced myself. Immediately I attracted people in need of direction and assistance, and realized successful, fulfilling results.

This work is my calling in life.