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A Workshop

A Workshop


The Journey Is Yours

Virtual | In-Person

Do you desire to unlock your real potential, tap into your earthly purpose and truly get moving in this new decade?

Those that align to this style workshop, know there is more for them and are ready at some level for the exciting road that V takes them down to start to discover their higher design. Her unique style workshops utilize aspects of all of the participants that arrive, helping us to understand the power of the present moment.

Experience real change NOW



The journey begins by entering into a grounding guided meditation. This meditation supports each individual to arrive in their body to be present for them self & the group. You will immediately begin to understand why you arrived & how powerful you are.



Out of meditation, we will explore the core principles of healing. You will receive specific teachings to understand why now more than ever you must be aware of your energetic body & cellular makeup & move out of your past patterning. In this segment V offers her signature breakthrough coaching.



In our final guided meditation, we take a journey beyond space and time to energetically activate you so that you can start leveraging your future NOW from the vast space of the unknown. Together, we will watch the power of the group dynamics unfold, teaching you that it is now truly safe to just be YOU!

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