Kristin Rowell

This is Kristin’s actual journal entry from the evening following our LIVE Monday Night Meditation on Setting Intention for the New Year 2019!

Tonight’s LIVE meditation w/ V was so powerful! It as SO fun to have my sister and her friend meditate with us. What a great way to go extra deep weekly for grounding and connection to source – especially now that I am learning about my energy vortex and how to work with it and other people’s energy! I was overcome with emotion at 3 different points in the meditation and started crying.  Those times were:

(1) When I opened my crown and was strongly connecting to source. I was in HIGH HIGH vibration and the tears just came. My crown was SO open and light was pouring out and up.
(2) I had another moment – when V asked us to confirm our source was pure.  She mentioned that it could be the sun, God, Christ, or whatever source we align with. I have always thought of my source as my “Higher Power” and have always said that out loud when connecting to source. For me, “Higher Power” is and always been synonymous with God, who I have always seen as pure light. When V asked us to confirm that our source was pure, I quickly shifted and it was overwhelming. I had TRIED to connect with the sun for once instead — I think because I’m a LEO and V and I had talked last night about how I get powered by the sun, so I thought maybe I could make the sun my “source” tonight. NOPE! 🙂  As soon as V asked us to confirm that it was pure source, my connection was immediately pulled away from the sun and Christ appeared right before me. HE is clearly my source! I felt SO loved in that moment that I was overcome with emotion and started crying. I felt such a strong connection to Christ and a KNOWING that he is my Higher Power/Source/God.
(3) I also cried when V had us get and be in our energy of 2019. I think I was crying with excitement! The calendar energy exercise/visual was also very powerful.
Wait!  I cried another time too! It was the eagle on my back giving me wings. I felt safe with the eagle even though eagles are predators and have huge claws. These claws were gentle and felt supportive of me.
My 7 year old self had pink and purple energy and it was pure JOY. The field was ALL around her – sides, back, top, bottom – about a foot around all of her. It was mostly vapor/cotton candy texture.  I will continue being aware of and in my auric field. I practice daily observing my aura. I protect my aura and keep it safe from negative energies that drain it.