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Meet Audra

Audra White

Audra White

Interior Sylist

Get to Know Audra


Interior Stylist | Energy Shifter | Ritual Crafter

Cultivated Space

Describe You:

I’m enjoying life as an ever evolving human in Portland, Oregon, where these days I spend a lot of time at home shifting my furniture, repotting my plants, pulling tarot cards and setting intentions to manifest the next layer of an authentic, soul-driven life. Pre-COVID, I loved to meet new people and debate different topics surrounding what it means to be a human on this planet! I also work at a local furniture store as an interior designer and salesperson which overlaps beautifully with the services I offer and keeps me connected to what’s going on in the world of retail.

What guided you to V?

I had been working with Vanessa to dismantle unhelpful personal stories and unlock a world of possibility through meditation and communion with my angels and spirit guides. Our sessions had completely shifted my perspective in life, so when she approached me about her brand new program for awakened entrepreneurs, I knew it was something I needed to do. Though I had no concept for my business going into the program, I was unhappy in my job and intuitively knew that there was something out in the ether just waiting for me to claim it.


ACTV8 empowered me to take responsibility for feeling fulfilled in my career and envision a world in which I provided meaningful, spirit guided services with the natural skills and intuition I was born with. The exercises, assignments, and group sessions pushed me to bring that concept from the hypothetical into the concrete.

What was the status of your brand before ACTV8?

✔ It developed out of the course

Did you receive guidance in any of these categories?

✔ Job Change
✔ Stuck in Life
✔ Mindfulness
✔ Inner Child

What is your Mission Statement?

I believe in the reclamation of ourselves through the love and care we show our homes. I believe in the home as a sacred temple. Cultivating your space to express the things that are important to you is a kind of alchemy that attracts more of those good things into your life.

What did you create through ACTV8?

Energetically informed interior design, home styling & ritual crafting for seekers.

What is your most powerful affirmation you set in ACTV8?

I create powerful, meaningful connections between people and their spaces, allowing them to become more aligned with their higher selves.

Final Thoughts from Audra:

I’m currently taking an online course to get certified in Feng Shui. I’m so excited to integrate this ancient knowledge into my practice and add another dimension to what I offer my clients.