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Leigah Locke

Leigah Locke

Doula | Teacher | Health Practitioner

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Doula | Teacher| Health Practitioner

Axiom Health & Wellness

Describe You:

I am a spirited woman with a fiery passion who loves engaging ALL my senses as much as possible. I live for traveling, eating homemade/scratch food, music and dancing to live music, and bathing in the sun by the water. I split time between the Twin Cities and Northwoods Wisconsin where our family lake house is. My experience as a classroom teacher as lead me to being passionate about freeing ourselves to live a life that is embodied and true. I look forward to creating a family someday with my hubs, Ryan, but until then you can catch me loving on our pup, Zoey!


My experience in ACTV8 was exciting and challenging; my soul and heart was ready for it, but my physical body was still processing the magic. I stretched and grew with each layer we peeled back. I didn’t complete in in a linear timeline, but that was where the magic showed up!

Reflecting back to where you started before ACTV8:

Since ACTV8, I have built a business with my husband which includes me assuming roles that I was not ready for prior to the course. I also have begun to see clients as a full spectrum doula, decided to quit my current profession as a teacher, and deepened my trust in my self worth! I feel insanely powerful since the course.

What was the status of your brand before ACTV8?

✔ Axiom was a seed that ACTV8 and W.F.H. (work from home) watered!

Did you receive guidance in any of these categories?

✔ Job Change
✔ Relationships
✔ Inner Child

What is your Mission Statement?

To help others awaken to and embody the divine mother within.

What did you create through ACTV8?

Axiom Health & Wellness is an invitation to embody your fullest expression of health in mind, body, and community through intuitive chiropractic, holistic health, movement, and birth work.

What is your most powerful affirmation you set in ACTV8?

I have ultimate freedom now.

Final Thoughts from Leigah:

So grateful, humbled and honored to have had this experience! ACTV8 is truly an activator!