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Meet Sally

Sally Sparby

Sally Sparby

Get to Know Sally

Business Owner

Life Support

Describe You:

I definitely identify as a personal growth junkie! I’m continually evolving on my spiritual journey and really feel connected to Interested in all things spiritual. Pilates is my newest obsession! Right now, things that light me up are (in no particular order): meditation, listening to my daughter laugh, snuggling with my husband in bed, being in nature, journaling, and connecting with others and helping them heal!

What guided you to V?

Lindsay Bednar! I really sought her out to help me connect with my true essence and live from that place of knowing.


I worked on a lot of inner child stuff and dealt with my fears both of success and failure. I was pushed which was amazing, too.

Reflecting back to where you started before ACTV8:

I realized that my fear voice is just my inner child. I learned to love her and help her heal vs be angry at her for blocking me. I feel like I have WAY less triggers now, too. More acceptance of both others and myself and REALLY embodying that I am perfect, whole, and complete!

Did you receive guidance in any of these categories?

✔ Past Hurt
✔ Stuck in Life
✔ Relationships
✔ Inner Child

What was the status of your brand before ACTV8?

✔ It already existed but advanced in the course
✔ It developed out of the course
✔ I used ACTV8 to go full-time into my brand
✔ I used ACTV8 to create another stream of revenue for my already existent brand

What is your Mission Statement?

I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that life is always happening for us. My mission is to help you connect with the truth within yourself and find renewed strength and perspective for your journey.

What did you create through ACTV8?

ALIGN –  A 4 week online course, where you saddle up to be guided through transformation, growth, and expansion. 

Our external world is merely a reflection of our internal world. If you look around at your life and you don’t love what you see, then ALIGN is for you! This 4 week course offers video and text lessons, meditation, homework, and exercises including EFT Tapping that will help you identify and remove limiting beliefs, release your fears, and manifest your ideal life!

What is your most powerful affirmation you set in ACTV8?

I am perfect, whole, and complete.