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Ava Beilke

Ava Beilke

Social Media Coach

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Social Media Coach | Self-Love Advocate

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Podcast with Vanessa Feils and Ava Beilke

Describe You:

Hey! I am a Social Media Coach and Self-Love Advocate. Born and raised in Minneapolis, I’m a city dweller that loves yoga and rap music (an unlikely yet perfect combination). My first big girl job was at Radisson Hotel Group, which I blame to this day for an infinite case of wanderlust. Needless to say, I’m always DTT- down to travel. A few of my favorite things include sipping my morning coffee outside, collecting vintage pink dresses, and savoring an occasional glass of Italian red wine. Cheers, friends!

What guided you to V?

I was guided to V because I was ready to uncover my purpose and actively pursue it. I had people in my life at the time that were actively pursuing their passions and I wanted to have the same thing for myself. I was continually running into frustrations because I just didn’t know what “the thing” was. Now I know, and I could not be more grateful.


I LOVE LEARNING. Going through ACTV8 was a dream for me, because it felt like I was enrolled in a school program, and school is something I was always good at. From the weekly learning sessions to the homework, I was in my element! ACTV8 was highly fulfilling, and the unexpected tornado of revelations, changes, and straight-up-blessings kept me motivated through the process. Who knew that so much could actually change in 8 weeks?!

Reflecting back to where you started before ACTV8:

Halfway through the course I went through an unexpected break-up. It didn’t make any sense at the moment when my partner and I split, but within days I began to understand that it was happening for me, and it was actually the very event that gave me the insights around fine-tuning my purpose and niche. In short, the breakup propelled me forward. So far forward that I actually gained all of the clarity, confidence, and confirmation that I was seeking heading into the program around leaving my corporate job. I resigned from Corporate America and launched my own business just before my one-year ACTV8 start-date anniversary.

Did you receive guidance in any of these categories?

✔ Job Change
✔ Stuck in Life
✔ Relationships
✔ Mindfulness

What was the status of your brand before ACTV8?

✔ It already existed but advanced in the course
✔ It developed out of the course
✔ I used ACTV8 to go full-time into my brand

What is your Mission Statement?

I help people live better lives through the guided realization that unconditional self-love is the foundation to all pursuits, including marketing yourself.

What are your 3 uniques?

1. Savvy – pay attention to detail, listen, and produce
2. Speaking from experience – 10 year career in social media marketing
3. Transparent in my delivery – speak from the heart

What did you create through ACTV8?

I help people unlock the power of social media marketing to achieve their goals using a heart-centered approach. This means I combine the principles of self-love and the tactics of social media marketing into teachings that will help you build an authentic personal brand and business that stands out online. My services can be experienced through the signature Heart-Centered Social Media™ Workshop available on-demand, courses, and one-on-one coaching.

What is your most powerful affirmation you set in ACTV8?

My business is in development. It is me. My business is me.