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Kristin Rowell

Kristin Rowell

Functional Nutritional Therapist

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Functional Nutritional Therapist


Describe You:

I’m a happy dog mom who is passionate about helping people truly become their best selves. I am a Functional Nutritional Therapist, which means I help my clients get at the root cause of their health problems through the power of real food. I live by Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, and I spend most of my days serving clients, taking my dogs on walks, working out, grocery shopping, listening to podcasts and audio books, meditating, reading (books and cookbooks!) and preparing meals. I absolutely love strength training, so that is definitely one of my primary hobbies/interests. My two gorgeous Golden Retrievers are named Catch and Belle, and they are 18 months and 3 months, respectively.

What guided you to V?

I was interested in learning how to finally create a regular meditation practice. I was also feeling stuck in a pattern of bad relationships after years of traditional talk therapy. I was hoping that by creating a regular meditation practice, I’d figure out how to finally get out of my own way.


My experience in ACTV8 was extremely positive and changed my life dramatically for the better. The best way I can describe the program to anyone who is curious about it or interested in it is that if you find yourself stuck in some aspect of your life, or if you feel like you just know that there is more out there for you in some way (whether it be relationship, career, health, family, etc.), ACTV8 will force you to identify the issue(s), move through the issue(s) and come out on the other side leaving all of that baggage behind. I could not have imagined the freedom that existed on the other side for me before I started ACTV8. It sincerely catapulted me into what I now describe as true freedom!

Reflecting back to where you started before ACTV8:

Wow there are so many I hardly know where to start! At the top of my list I would say are the following: (1) I stopped saying, “I don’t have enough time” and eventually came to understand that time is abundant and that I have the time to do everything I desire; (2) I listened to and followed my intuition, which led me to leave a successful career as a trial lawyer, go back to school for Nutritional Therapy and start my own business serving clients as a Nutritional Therapist; (3) I’ve done deep work to understand my family system, and eventually did the work to elevate out of certain family patters that previously kept me stuck; (4) I traveled across the world to Australia on a whim; (5) I became a dog mom (again! twice!); and (6) I spend way more time with – and am far more present for – my extended family (sisters, parents, nieces & nephew).

Did you receive guidance in any of these categories?

✔ Job Change
✔ Stuck in Life
✔ Relationships
✔ Mindfulness
✔ Loss
✔ Body Issues
✔ Past Hurt
✔ Trauma
✔ Inner Child
✔ Understanding Present Moment Time

What was the status of your brand before ACTV8?

✔ It developed out of the course

What is your Mission Statement?

To inspire people to realize their true potential and become their best selves utilizing the power of real food.

What are your 3 uniques?

1. Direct/Efficient
2. Embodied
3. Trust

What did you create through ACTV8?

I created Energetically Efficient, which is a Functional Nutritional Therapy business in which I coach and educate my clients about: (1) nutrition; (2) how their bodies work; (3) why eating real food makes a significant difference in our lives; (4) how to eat well efficiently; (5) how eating well can make you more successful; and (6) how to incorporate a multitude of lifestyle practices for maximal success. I like to say that I help people look better and feel better, so that they do better. I firmly believe that we show up best for others when we first show up for ourselves.

What is your most powerful affirmation you set in ACTV8?

Work provides opportunities for me to share my divine talents with the world. It supplements my passion; it does not interfere with it!
I am authentically me. My soul radiates from my being. I feel an interconnectedness with the universe.