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The meaning of the time is the uncertainty of the disillusionment that the bold forsake. Forgive them. Those that have been outwardly claiming their truth are not at fault in the sense that their seeking abilities were just more on the forefront.

You’re capable of this level of dis-ease and trust within yourself because you have been at the forefront of the actual truth.

The truth that more seek or think about is a construct of false roots. Helping people to see their false roots and understand the truth is the only thing you ever have to teach.

When you’re holding in the possibility of the best possible outcome – you may become consumed with say, the detail. The detail won’t matter anymore. Your consumption is of the possibility, in say the other truly engaging in their all knowing capabilities. The answer that is written, though you can see, will be in the eye of the beholder. On the journey keep a clean scape as to where you would go forward in heart and where you would not.

The wise speak to the determination. The capacity at which most have to hold space, see the toxic entanglement and adverse reaction to the design is what holds the center grounding point for the capacity of the earth.

Your risk will no longer only be in the moment it will be with the people to live and learn in a new capacity of under wiring.

I won’t have to say dissolve anything. I already have with myself. The answer will be the outcome of the strength in those around you.

The barren redeem through the power – to be.

I will just be now!