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Welcome to 2020

For the sake of entering into a new unknown time; it will be crucial that the heart stay full of love and the energetics of fear be broken down, understood, and then disregarded. Fear has simply been a construct of the decade and will delay your process and progress if you drag it into the new era with you. I feel compelled to accompany you and usher you in with love. The master key of the Universe is the one that has been buried away deep in your heart by that old fear construct. It will be at the entrance of the doors that usher you in that have the ability to release and let all that fear go. In order to walk the freedom path in this next realm, it will be such glory that you disregard all the blocks and guards that have been your dreams in fantasies past. It will not be necessary to harbor or maintain this past era. As for the excitement of the future, it will be one that’s not available to compute or comprehend. It’s the glorious adventure that awaits and is begging you to give it the possibility to enter courageously without knowing the next step of the way. So as you stand on the edge into the new era – free fall into love, joy, and freedom. These are benefits that you have not had a chance yet in your lifetime to truly feel the depth of. The layers and the depths go beyond what you can comprehend. That acceptance passed your ego will be your ticket into the New World theme park. We have been so frightened to inhale, due to the lack of love in our past construct. The re-shuffle of the matrix has your wisdom’s availability to launch into the dreams and desires that have been locked up by fear. This is the birthright of your soul. This adventure has always been planned – the masterful key is to now enJOY it.

2021 Guide for Success

As you enter into YOUR 2021, you have the opportunity to adopt the blank slate that is.

You were warned that the demise of yourself, your home, your communities, and your planet were going to dismantle. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t take it seriously; you couldn’t have. It just had to fall so that you can welcome in the birth of the new way in which we will NOW be existing.

Your strength will remain in the power of your INDIVIDUALITY. Your ability to go inside and like the person that is YOU.

Your gift this year is the wide-open blank terrain, for you will finally have the opportunity to become one with your actual self, to trust her/him, and then to start building from your actual truth. No longer will you be working with the false demise, circumstance, and/or old-world form that we’ve been watching fall.

You in your honor and truth are worthy and made for this accepted journey. We have no other way to go than to arrive in form and begin to experience the enjoyment, passions, and exultations of the self.

Pause and breathe into that.

You are whole, perfect, and complete in form. As you ring in the threshold of the New Year, bring every bit of your fantasies’ past with you because 2021 will be about bringing that into form!

Set aside time to hold a ceremony to christen your vibration embodied whole.

With love may you now surrender to what is so your genius can come out to play.

Cheers to all of the delights that await in 2021!