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Co-Creating With Your Essence


More than ever we need to be co-creating with our essence as we build the New World. If you are interested in understanding how your brand is you and that you already have everything you need inside of you to shine. Let me help you activate into your essence even stronger.

In this 3 part series Lifestyle Guide, Vanessa Feils, will walk you through:

Part 1: Embody Your Essence
Part 2: How You Use Your Tools
Part 3: Navigating Into The Unknown

This series includes:

3 teaching videos to go at your own pace
2 powerful guided meditation activations
An outline of the New World principles that must be present in all that we do moving forward
Her signature grounding practice to do daily for the next 5 weeks
Worksheets to guide your process
Mantra cards to accelerate your experiences based learning.


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