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True Self Love – Virtual Event


The Return of the Mother

A 90 minute VIRTUAL Workshop

It is safe to say that there is no time like now when it comes to connecting to the self. The self is all we have when all is stripped away. As you were seeing around you new uncovering‘s and opinions are popping up all around. The self is trying to gather a baseline and if your past alignment was not one with the mother or the truth you may feel some radical destabilization. You have nothing to worry for, if you are here now reading this it is your time to tap in and lock in. There is nothing to fear if you are secure and one with the self. We understand that this may not be the case for everyone, that is why we feel called to host you in our 90 minute workshop true self love. To honor you is to know you. The divinity within you is ready to speak, we just need to give her her voice and offer her up a platform.

Myself, Meditation Expert, Vanessa Feils, along with Dr. Elizabeth & Dr. Erin of Twin Life Chiropractic have gathered a virtual classroom to teach you the value of self love. In this 90 minutes we will enter into two meditations. The first to ground and enter into your body and the second to advance forward in trusting yourself. The additional time we will be providing teachings that assist your system and acknowledging the self as a vessel of love. Typically the only thing holding one back from this ultimate knowing is something that is residing in the cells/system from the childhood.

With the massive movement we are tracking with on the planet we can shift and move past trauma in a short length of time. You will be witness to this as we work as a community to shift everyone that arrives to the session.

Love is an unlimited abundance, get ready to advance through the love that already resides in your cells.

Please Gather with us Virtually

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
6:00 to 7:30 pm CST

About Your Hosts


Dr. Elizabeth & Dr. Erin

Chiropractors, Certified MFT Practitioners & Intuitive Energetic Healers

We blend our background in the healing arts of Chiropractic with the energy of the energetic field.  We practice and teach through the powerful philosophy that the body has all the answers as long as you ask it the right questions. We are heart-centered intuitive healers that are grounded into the wisdom of Mama Earth.  Using their intuitive healing abilities they meets you right where you are on your healing journey.  By meeting you where you are, they will further empower you with knowledge to live your best life.  They are a clear channel through which emotional healing occurs while being a true gift to this world.  You will leave feeling lighter simply be being in their energetic fields.


Vanessa Feils

Life Coach & Meditation Expert

Meditation guru, life and career coach, and spiritual guide, Vanessa Feils is a healer from another plane who has been put on this Earth to help us step into our power and our purpose. Creator of V’s Online Membership Program, a first-of-its-kind monthly subscription, Vanessa helps people stay committed to their spiritual practices through live, weekly guided meditations. Her flagship eight-week course, ACTV8, aligns people to their soul purpose, helping them to home their gifts and get their talents launched into the world. Vanessa was an early adopter of the MindTravel “silent” headphone system, incorporating Murray Hilary’s piano compositions and healing binaural beats in her meditations to fast track participants into a space where they can design their life from a pure state of bliss.


Note to Attendee

Please note that this is a virtual event via Zoom. You will be e-mailed the event link and details on how to login after you register.

Refunds or credit towards a future event can be managed if you contact me at least 24 hours beforehand at [email protected]


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